Building a course

Skilling is a web application for making course websites. Skilling is optimized for courses like programming, mathematics, and database design.

Here's what a project might look like.

Course cycle


First, you set course goals, like "students learn how to (do some task)." Then you list experiences that will help students learn.

Experiences are reading lessons, doing exercises, and other tasks you give students. You put them in order. "Read this explanation, read that worked example, do that exercise..." The experience sequence is the heart of your course design.



Authors write lessons, exercises, rubrics, and other material. Skilling's authoring tools are designed specifically for writing course content.



Instructors and students use the websites that authors create. Students read lessons, do exercises, and other activities. Instructors help students with tasks, give feedback, monitor progress, etc.



Authors analyze course data, looking for ways to improve the course. For example, if different students make the same mistake on an exercise, authors should think about improving explanations, or prior exercises.



One Skilling course site can be used again and again, for years, serving thousands of students. As authors tweak the course, it gets better and better.