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Using the demo site

The demo is a course about searching with Google. To get started right away, log in as student1, password SkillingRocks on the demo site. To learn more about how the demo site helps students, keep reading.

The demo site resets itself every four hours, so feel free to mess with it.

Adjusting to devices

Let's see how a Skilling website makes good use of screen space.

How Skilling supports learning

How does Skilling help students learn? Annotations on the demo site explain.

How do students see things?

Log in as a student. Try the username "student1" with the password "SkillingRocks". Or you can be student2, if you like.

The screen has new stuff. There's a timeline on the left.

There's an emoji, suggesting how you should feel about your submission status.

Your stuff menu

The main menu has a "Your stuff" dropdown.


A reflection is where a lesson asks students a question, and asks them to record their thoughts. Reflections have various pedagogical uses, such as schema abstraction.

Submitting and grading exercises

Log in as a student, and submit an exercise. Log in as a grader, and grade it. Log in as a student again, and see your feedback

Monitoring students

Log in as an instructor (username: instructor, password: SkillingRocks). You can check your students' performance, and easily send them messages.

Being an author

Authors make lessons, exercises, and other things. However, they don't have access to data on students or their work (unless an account is marked as both an author and an instructor, of course).

Log in with the username author, and the password SkillingRocks. This will let you experiment with Skilling's authoring tools.


Authors can make lessons that change themselves, based on students attributes, whether exercises have been submitted, what campus the student is on, and other conditions.