Here are some useful resources.
Added: Jun 24, 2019
Tags: Monitoring, Reporting
Student information system (SIS) offers reports on students' backgrounds.
Added: Jul 5, 2019
Tags: Computer science, Programming, Problem solving
Teaching tips from 150+ CS teachers.
Added: Jun 27, 2019
Tags: MCQ, Assessment
Research shows that multiple-choice questions can, when well-written, simulate performance, especially if we are asking about decisions and steps to take.
Added: Jun 30, 2019
Tags: Problem solving
Summary of ways of thinking about problems.
Added: Jun 29, 2019
Techniques to help learners remember.
Added: Jun 27, 2019
Tags: Motivation, Practice
What deliberate practice is, and how to encourage it.
Added: Jun 27, 2019
Tags: Bloom, Learning outcomes
Nice video on creating learning outcomes with the revised Bloom's taxonomy.
Added: Jul 2, 2019
Tags: Problem solving, Schemas, Explicit teaching

Explicitly teaching schemas works better than relying on students to find implied schemas on their own.