Let's configure Drupal, so it's easier to work with.

Adding the admin toolbar module

When you're working on your course, you'll be using the admin menu a lot. Drupal's admin toolbar is OK, but there's a better one. Let's install it.

The toolbar is in a module called Admin Toolbar, at https://www.drupal.org/project/admin_toolbar. However, you don't need to download anything to install it. Let Composer do the work.

Start the terminal. Then go to the folder where you originally installed Drupal. Here's mine:

Where Drupal in installed

learnweb.skilling.us is the folder where I ran the Composer command that installed Drupal. It contains the web/ folder. It also has the file composer.json. That tells you that Composer is tracking the files the folder.

Now run the command:

composer require drupal/admin_toolbar

Composer will find the files it needs, download them, put them in the right places, and update composer.json so it remembers what it did.

Composer command to install the admin toolbar module

Now you need to activate the module. In Drupal, go to Extend in the admin menu. Check the box next to admin toolbar, and admin toolbar extra tools. Click Install at the bottom of the page.

You admin toolbar will change to a dropdown thing that's easier to work with.

Activate the admin toolbar

Blocking account creation

You don't want just anyone trying to create an account on your website. Let's prevent that.

Go to Configuration | People | Account settings. Scroll down, and tell Drupal that only admins can create accounts.

Only admins can create accounts

You might change that later, but set it this way for now. It will prevent people like Super Vlad Genuine Rolex Gooding You from trying to create accounts.

Press the Save configuration button at the bottom of the page.

Security update notices only

By default, Drupal sends you an email when any of the modules on your site are updated. That's good, except that modules are updated frequently. Should you apply all of the updates?

I opt to receive emails about security updates only. If you want to make this change, go to Reports | Available Updates | Settings. The setting you want is at the bottom of the page.

Security update notices only

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