Some students do much better than others in skill courses. How do you prevent talented students from being bored?

Skilling has challenge exercises, and a badge system. Challenge exercises are more difficult than other exercises. They're clearly marked for students. For example, they have a shield in the timeline.


You can create badges, like this Flamer badge.

Creating a badge

Students need to complete eight challenge exercises to earn this badge. You can have an many badges as you like.

Badge exercise submissions are handled through the normal grading interface.  When a student meets the criteria for a badge, it's awarded automatically, without effort on your part.

Students see their badge awards above the timeline, on every page, reminding them of their achievement. This student has won the Green Goat badge:

Green Goat badge

AdelaCan other people see their badge?

No. Remember that Skilling is into Extreme Privacy. It doesn't reveal whether other students even exist.

This could change, though. For example, there could be a course-wide configuration setting that let other students see badge awards. It could motivate some students.

If you have ideas about this, please comment below.