Look-and-feel branding

What you install Skilling, it comes with a logo, some fonts, a color palette, and so on. You can use them as is. The choices meet accessibility standards, and don't look terrible, so you're OK.

However, you can change these things. If your university's colors are pink and purple, you can use those instead. You have to know about CSS, but it isn't too complicated.

You could even create a white-label version of your course, add offer it to different institutions. Part of your service would be to customize the look-and-feel.


Content branding

Branding can extend to content, as well. Suppose your university has two campuses. You want to make course experiences between campuses consistent, so you make one Skilling course the serves both campuses. Same lessons, same exercises, etc.

There are differences between the campuses, however. Suppose students need help with their writing. You want the site to tell them to go to one place on one campus, and a different place on the other campus.

When you write a lesson, you can type:

Get help with your writing at [campus-writing-center].

You define what "[campus-writing-center]" is, so that on one campus, students see:

You can get help with your writing at the Writing Center in Kresge Library.

On the other campus, students see:

You can get help with your writing at the Writing Co-op, 211 Monty Hall.

The text is seamless for students. They don't know anything special happened.


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