Students need hands-on work to learn skills. They make artifacts, like programs, databases, and ads. Authors make exercises with rubric items. Graders assess every submission from every student. The end result is a message sent to the student.

Feedback message

The feedback message shows what the student did right...

What the student got right

... and what the student got wrong...

What the student got wrong

Showing students what they got right helps with motivation. Showing what they got wrong guides improvement.

Graders judge each submission as complete, or not complete. You get to choose what policies you want graders to use. I tend to use mastery, so that every rubric item must be satisfied. You could let one or two rubrics slide, if you want. Your choice.

Students see the status of each submission on a timeline, in a submissions report, and where each exercise is inserted into a lesson. Here's a sample timeline.


If a student gets a not-complete on an exercise, you can let them resubmit. You choose how many times they can do so.