Skilling keeps detailed records on student activity. Instructors can see their students' lesson accesses, exercises submitted, and so on. Of course, instructors can only see records for students in their own classes, not for students in all classes.

Students can see their own histories, as well. There's an item for it under the Your stuff menu.

History item in Your stuff menu

Students see everything stored about them.


This helps with GDPR compliance. GDPR is the EU's privacy rule set. One rule is people can, on request, see what data an organization has about them. This can be quite expensive to comply with, unless you build compliance mechanisms into software from the beginning.

With Skilling, students can see what information the system has about them, whenever they want. They don't need to submit a request, just click a button. Compliance with the rule costs nothing.

Another GDPR rule: people can ask organizations to delete their data about that person. Skilling was designed with that rule in mind. Every content record has an owner. History records (and exercise submission records, reflection question response records, etc.) are owned by the student the record is about, not by the system itself. When an admin deletes a student account, Drupal asks what to do with content owned by that account. Select "Delete," and all of the student's data is erased.


It's possible to automate the process fully, so that a student could log in, and erase all data about themselves. That's a Really Bad Idea, though. A student could leave themselves logged in, and the next person could erase all of their exercises. Argh!

So, students have to ask someone to erase their data. Only admins can do it, like the superuser created when you install Drupal.


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