The previous page listed concepts, patterns, etc., for the course. Now, how should I order them?

I tried to make a dependency graph, showing what should be learned before what. But, as you can see below, it didn't work. I just used the list on the last page instead.

I still think the graphical approach has merit. I'm just not sure how to do it. One thought is to eliminate redundant paths. Maybe I'll come to it someday.

Comments welcome.

graph TD ClientServer[Client/server] --> PostGet[Post and get] ClientServer --> Subdomains Subdomains --> OrganizeServerFiles[Organize server files] PostGet --> HTML([HTML page structure]) HTML --> BasicTags([Basic tags]) HTML --> Images([Images]) OrganizeServerFiles --> Links([Links]) BasicTags --> Links BasicTags --> BasicCSS([Basic CSS]) BasicCSS --> BoxModelCSS([Box model CSS]) BasicTags --> DivsSpans([Divs and spans]) DivsSpans --> BoxModelCSS DivsSpans --> Forms([Forms]) ClientServer --> DBArch[(DB architecture)] DBArch --> Tables[(Tables)] DBArch --> Fields[(Fields and data types)] Tables --> PrimaryKeys[(Primary keys)] Fields --> PrimaryKeys Tables --> SingleTableSelect[(Single table SELECT)] Fields --> SingleTableSelect PrimaryKeys --> 1ToN[(1 to N relationship)] 1ToN --> 1ToNSelect[(1 to N SELECT)] PrimaryKeys --> Insert[(Insert)] PrimaryKeys --> Update[(Update)] Insert --> Update PrimaryKeys --> Delete[(Delete)] Insert --> Delete ClientServer --> PHPOutputHtml>PHP output HTML] BasicTags --> PHPOutputHtml PHPOutputHtml --> Variables>Variables] Variables --> Strings>Strings] Variables --> Numeric>Numeric variables] Strings --> SessionVariables>Session variables] Strings --> Operations>Operations] Numeric --> Operations Operations -->BuiltInFunctions>Built-in functions] BuiltInFunctions --> Sanitize>Sanitize functions] Operations --> Computation>Computation] Computation --> Ifs>Ifs] Ifs --> While>While] Variables --> InputFromUrl>Input from URL] OrganizeServerFiles --> Require>Require] PHPOutputHtml --> Require Require --> ConnectToDB>Connect PHP to DB] ConnectToDB --> SendQueryToDB>Send query to DB] Sanitize --> SendQueryToDB Variables --> SendQueryToDB SendQueryToDB --> SingleTableSelect SendQueryToDB --> AccessQueryResults>Access query results] AccessQueryResults --> EntityAbstraction>Entity abstraction] While --> AccessQueryResults SendQueryToDB --> MakeInsertQuery>Make insert query] Sanitize --> MakeInsertQuery Insert --> MakeInsertQuery SendQueryToDB --> MakeUpdateQuery>Make update query] Sanitize --> MakeUpdateQuery Update --> MakeUpdateQuery SendQueryToDB --> MakeDeleteQuery>Make delete query] Delete --> MakeDeleteQuery 1ToN --> 1ToNQuery>1 to N query] SendQueryToDB --> 1ToNQuery AccessQueryResults --> 1ToNQuery