Here's the technology model again.

Technology mental model

At the center are the programs. Each program is in a file.

Recall that when you made a subdomain, cPanel made a folder for it on your server. When someone types your subdomain into their browser, they access files in that folder.

Soon, you're going to put the Drupal and Skilling program files in that folder, but we need to prepare the folder first.

We need to make sure the folder is completely empty. That will let Composer, a magical installation program you'll use in the next step, put the right files in the right places.

OK, start your terminal. Its current folder should be your home folder. List the files (ls, remember). Here's what I see.

Subdomain root folder in file list is a folder on the server. It's the root of the subdomain Files copied into the folder show up at the subdomain The folder could be called something else, but giving it the same name as the subdomain is convenient.

I want to make sure the folder is empty. First, I switch into it:

Changed to folder for subdomain

The ls command shows me that folder has two subfolders.

Folders to remove

There are a couple of ways to remove them.

Warning! Don't type anything until you've read about both methods below.

You can use the rm command to remove individual files. For example:

rm filename.txt

Remove any files you have in the folder. I don't have any.

I have two folders to remove, so I'll use a version of rm that removes the subfolders in a folder, and then the folder itself. The command is:

rm -rf foldername

For me, that's:

Removing folders and their files


Wait, this makes me nervous.

I'm not comfortable with the terminal thing.

It's good that you mentioned that. The terminal is scary for norms. Non-geeks, that is.

You can use another way, that's more similar to things you're used to. Go back to cPanel. You'll find an icon for the File Manager:

Starting cPanel's file manager

It's much like Explorer in Windows. There are folders on the left, and files on the right.

File manager parts

Choose the folder you want. Then you can mess with its contents. To remove something, right-click on it, and click Delete.

Remove a folder in cPanel's File Manager


That's better. Thanks.

No worries. Remove everything in the subdomain's folder. Then it'll be ready for some Composer magic.

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