A timeline shows each student when exercises are due, plus the status of their own submissions. The timeline is on every page, although students can hide it if they need the screen space.

Exercise timeline

The timeline can have a lot of data. How do students know how they should feel about their progress?

Skilling has an emoji in the toolbar of every screen. It gives an emotional interpretation of the timeline data. The emoticon ranges from a very happy face for students who are far ahead in submitting exercises, to a freaked-out face for students who are far behind. For example:

Exerice progress

The image displayed is based on a completion score, also called a progress score. The more ahead of schedule a student is, the higher their score, and the happier the emoticon. The more behind schedule a student is, the lower their score, and the unhappier the emoticon. "Ahead of schedule" means the student completed exercises before their due date.

The score can be seen in a student's enrollment record, but only by admins:

Completion score

The student with this completion score is behind schedule by two exercises, and will get a frowny face.

Don't change the completion score, unless you what you are doing. The score is computed and updated automatically. You should never need to change it.

One issue is whether the completion score should be based on all exercises, or only the required exercises. The default is all, but students can change it, as can admins.

Basis for computing completion score